Launched in 2010, Chicago Fitness Parties hosts unique fitness events for nightclubs, corporations, festivals, fundraisers, private parties and more.  Chicago Fitness Parties employs qualified, top-shelf fitness instructors to lead high-energy, calorie-torching fitness classes for participants. Co-Founders, Haley Stone and Julie Steffen created Chicago Fitness Parties out of their love for fitness and fun.  They believe that for fitness to be a regular part of a person's routine, it has to be fun.  Stone and Steffen are both Certified Group Fitness Instructors at the finest gyms and studios in Chicago and have been in the fitness industry for more than a decade combined.  Outside of the gym, Stone and Steffen throw creative and unique fitness parties for the active, social city dweller.  Fitness parties take place in nightclubs, gyms, dance studios, indoors, outdoors...the possibilities are endless.