What can you do with $35?

· 30 new tunes for your iPod
· 10 lattes at Starbucks
· 1 dinner out - maybe!


· Help get heat for the home of a single mom
· Help support programs for abandoned, neglected, and abused children
· Help provide clothes, food, and shelter to the homeless  
· Help nurture an entrepreneurship program in a depressed neighborhood
· Help sustain the free teacher supply store in your school district
· Help pay the light bill at the women's shelter
· And MORE

Are you tired of the rigid rules of most networking groups?  Do you wish you could give more, but feel strapped by this crazy economy?  Would you love to bring more fun into your life, but feel there is never enough time?  

Chicks with Checks events are purposely unstructured with no formal presentation. Instead, we all enjoy meeting each other, having conversations, and just plain old relaxing. The monthly Party with a Purpose typically lasts 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Members and guests will often trickle in during the first 45 minutes or so. At the halfway mark, we will have a few announcements, then everyone returns to mingling and conversation.

Each Chicks Party with a Purpose features and benefits a local non-profit. We get to know about them in a relaxed social setting and find out who they are, what they do, what they need next, and how we can really help AND we get to meet delightful people who care about making our towns and cities a better place for everyone.

Even if you can't attend every party, your Chicks membership provides a gift of discretionary funds to help beneficiaries sustain their programs and maintain their services.  But money alone often isn't enough.  Locally based non-profits also struggle to get their message out, making it difficult to find volunteers and connect with much-needed resources.

Won't you join us in helping create a better place for all our neighbors?  Your membership dues of only $35 per month provides you with:

· Membership in our social network
· A monthly donation to a deserving organization
· Access to our online community and all its resources
· An open invitation to all Chicks social activities anywhere
 (Some special events may require separate registration)
· Opportunities to promote your business and hobbies  

Let's take the WORK out of networking.  Let's put the FUN into Fundraising. If we each do a little, then together we can all do a lot.