J. Timothy Hogan died of suicide unable to find help or assistance with his severe depression leaving a note to his family requesting they help people in the same situation unable to find help.

The Foundation is soley vounteer run and organized and depends on fundraisers, grants and donations to provide services to applicants.  Our goal is to build a childrens mental health clinic and our mission is to reduce teenage suicide.

Suicide is the #3 cause of death in the nation.  Teenage and young adult suicide is #1 in Alaska, #2 in Colorado and #3 in Florida.  There is no connection to location.  It is simply a brain illness that can be help just like any other illness.  New brain research reflects that the most effective treatment is a team effort with Psychologist, Therapists, and Psychiatrist  working together in a collaborative clinic environment. The most effective results and progress are in this environment with infants to 8 years old.  The J.

Our vision is to provide comprehensive mental health care services for young children and their families in Collier County.  The emphasis will be on providing services for children from birth to age three. These services would be housed in a clinic where a team approach in assessment and treatment would be used.  The team would consist of a psychologist, play therapist, psychiatrist, speech and language therapist, and an occupational therapist.  Research indicates that a collaborative approach which includes these disciplines in a well-coordinated team approach results in the best outcomes.  

At present the foundation focuses on infants to 8 years old, providing anaylsis, therapy, counseling and parenting education with contracted Psycologists, Therapists and Psychiatrist.  

Please visit the website www.jthogan for more information, applications, donations and more.  

Our most recent capital fundraiser is being hosted by 12 members of the Dallas TV Series this New Years Eve December 31, 2009.  Please check the website for more details.