Formed in July 2011, JOAN’S eBOOKS LLC is the parent company for a series of 25 children’s eBooks which are currently published on kindle, nook and iPad.

The content of these books, which are all on topics of Character Education, derives from the 25 hardcover books previously published by Marsh Film Enterprises, Inc. dba MarshMedia.

MarshMedia was established in 1969 by Joan and Alan Marsh, and the assets were sold in June 2011.  The digital electronic rights to the 25 books were retained by the Marshes and are the nucleus of the JOAN’S eBOOKS LLC product line.

These titles are lavishly illustrated in hardcover. All 25 titles with full illustrations are available for Kindle Fire and related devices.  Some of the digital books are text only, some are published on iPad with the illustrations intact.  Converting others to the fixed format is still a work in progress.

The books are brilliantly suited for the education market, as well as the consumer market, because of the Enrichment Materials and Letter to Parents and Educators which are a part of each eBook.

Available from childrensebooksbyjoan.com

These Life Skills Children’s eBooks,
published by JOAN’S eBOOKS LLC,
are available at www.childrensebooksbyjoan.com

ALOHA POTTER! - A little Angelfish faces BULLYING in Hawaii.

AMAZING MALLIKA - A young Bengal Tiger copes with ANGER in India.

BAILEY’S BIRTHDAY - A Dalmatian Dog finds FAMILY LOVE in New York.

BASTET - A homeless Siamese Cat learns about LOYALTY TO FRIENDS in Cairo.

BEA’S OWN GOOD - A young Honeybee finds that FOLLOWING THE RULES of the hive is important in France and everywhere.

CLARISSA - A humble Guernsey Cow discovers her own SELF-WORTH at the county fair in Wisconsin.  

EMILY BREAKS FREE - A brave combination of Dogs confronts a BULLY in Boston.        

FEATHERS LAS FLORES - A talkative Parrot learns the dangers of GOSSIP in Miami Beach.

FOLLOWING ISABELLA - A herd of Sheep finds a new LEADER named Isabella in Spain.

GUMBO GOES DOWNTOWN - Gumbo is a New Orleans dog who discovers that HOME is the best place of all.  

HANA’S YEAR - A young Macaque Monkey resists PEER PRESSURE in Japan.

INGER’S PROMISE - An unreliable white Reindeer learns to be TRUSTWORTHY in Norway.

JACKSON’S PLAN - Jackson, the resourceful Tree Frog, shows PERSEVERANCE in Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp.              

JOMO AND MATA - Elephant brothers engage in SIBLING RIVALRY in Africa.

KIKI AND THE CUCKOO - A Kansas Meadowlark faces COMPETITION from a Cuckoo Clock.

KYLIE’S CONCERT - Kylie, the singing Koala, finds another adventure when she follows her GOALS in Australia.

LUDMILA’S WAY - Ludmila the Horse SHARES her barn with all the Farm Animals in rural Russia.

MOLLY’S MAGIC - Molly, the clever pig, demonstrates PROBLEM SOLVING in Ireland.

PAPA PICCOLO - A night prowling Venetian Cat learns tenderness and NURTURING when he finds two abandoned kittens.

PEQUEÑA THE BURRO - Pequeña discovers pride in her HERITAGE when she saves the day at the Birthday Party in Mexico City.  

PLATO’S JOURNEY - A gullible Goat learns that HONESTY is the best policy in Greece.

STANLEY’S “THIS IS THE LIFE!” - A young Black Bear gets out of shape…and then back in shape…with HEALTHY choices in Wyoming.

TESSA ON HER OWN - A lazy Red Fox is forced to hunt for herself and demonstrates  SELF-RELIANCE in California.

THANK YOU, MEILING - A rude young Duck is transformed by COURTESY and the Moon Festival in China.

TOAD IN TOWN - Toad learns how MOVING AND CHANGING can be made easier with the friendship of Rabbit in the countryside of England.