Who We Are

Founded in 2003, Direct Interactive has been helping Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations enhance customer retention and experience.

Direct Interactive's expertise in customer experiences and life-cycles coupled with their sophisticated technology background has proven to be critical ingredients in the successful development of their flagship product, Chili Sales. Development and testing in real world business environments continues to successfully allow clients to set new standards in customer experiences.

What We Do

Direct Interactive is an interrelational technology based company dedicated to enhancing the client’s delivery of superior customer experiences. Our flagship product, Chili Sales, has been used and tested in real world business environments. It allows our clients to successfully continue setting higher standards in the way they interact with their sales targets and enhance the experiences of their customers.

We provide each client with the tools needed to support every phase of their customer life-cycle, from your initial engagement to retention and referral management.

How We Make a Difference

Our philosophy is simple: Assist you in delivering on your promise and exceeding each of your client’s expectations at every stage of the sales lifecycle. Instead of treating each individual sale as an endpoint, we promote building deeper relationships with clients in order to maximize repeat sales through customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and referrals.

Chili Sales puts this philosophy into practice with its client-centric emphasis that facilitates stronger customer relationships so you can acquire new business, increase customer retention, and generate positive word-of-mouth.