Company Profile

ChinaCCM Market Research Centre is a research division focusing on professional market survey and industry research. In the areas of new product development, new project planning, brand positioning, market investigation, market segmentation and in-depth industry research, we are able to provide consultancy solutions with our advanced methodology, professional knowledge and extensive industrial experiences as well as large enterprise database, product database and price database. ChinaCCM works mainly in the following industries: metallurgical (steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and metallurgical raw materials), chemical (organic chemical industry, inorganic chemical industry), petrochemical, machinery & electronic, automobile and home appliances.

Our Advantages
* Strong industry background: Over 10 years development, ChinaCCM understands the history and current situation of the industry and is in a better position to forecast its future development trend.
* Rich data resources:  With years of accumulation and collection of industry information, we are able to provide you with in-depth information for industry analysis that is hard to access elsewhere.
* Industry-focused and beyond: Professional industry researchers provide you with accurate and professional views of the industry. 19 major industries combined information enables dynamic analysis and research of the industrial chains.
* Wide range of reports: Over 5,000 industry reports sold annually and nearly 30,000 reports sold over the years. Enjoy the convenience of “one-stop service” in report subscription.

Our Products

Integrating industry and market research findings from both domestic and overseas sources, we provide research reports on market and industry that are most relevant to you. Depending on ChinaCCM industry chain research team and working with established research institutions of different industries, we are able to provide our customers with close to 30,000 annual research reports, 800 industry tracking reports and 12,000 reports based on data of import and export.

Selected Research Reports
●2009 Research and Consulting Report on China's Coating Industry
●Report for the investigation of Chinese medical and pharmaceutical CRO market (2008)
●Analysis report of the market research of medical devices in China in 2008-2010
●2007-2008 Annual Research Report on China Transformer Industry
●Deep Analysis & Strategic Consultancy Research Report of China Auto Rental & Lease Chain Industry
●Research Report on Wheat and Flour Industry in China
●2007-2008 China Fertilizer Market Review & Outlook
●Worldwide industry research reports (Agriculture, Energy & Environment, Food & Beverage, Materials & Chemicals, Petroleum, Telecommunications & IT market…)

Our Services
●Regular Research Report: monthly, quarterly, annual reports by product segmentation in 19 industries as well as import-export research report
●Industry Survey and Research: survey and research reports on particular markets
●Special Survey and Research: tailor-made survey and research project on particular market or industry. For example: survey of suppliers, credit levels of enterprises, financial report of enterprises, feasibility and investment analysis for the investment and operations of new projects and new product development.

Case Study
Case study is an ideal source of information and solution to any uncertainties of the China market. ChinaCCM.com first-hand information and in-depth investigation brings an unbiased approach to identify the solution you need to make effective strategic decisions, and to gain and maintain a competitive edge in new and existing markets.

Some of our Case Studies
•Special Investigation on China Automobile Air Conditioner Market
•Market Survey on China Stainless Steel Industry
•Market Investigation on China Outdoors Ads
•Market Investigation on China Cold Chain
•Market Analysis on China Stainless Steel & Seamless Tube
•Market Research on Chemical Plastic for Nursing Bottle Entrance into China
•China Industrial Market Investment & Cooperation Guideline
•Research on China Dope Industry Status & Development Trend
•Research on China Ferment Manufacturer
•Status of China Fashionable Clothing Industry & Expansion of Japanese High-End Fashionable Clothing in Chinese Market
•Survey on Producers & Suppliers of China Automobile Seat/Small Engine/Window Power
•Research on Manufacturers of China Machinery, Electric & Electrical Parts
•China Enterprise IT Management Service Cooperation
•Wireless Interphone Market Research & Manufacturer Survey
•Survey on China Bolt Manufacturers
•Survey on China Plastic/Rubber Pressing & Processing Enterprises