Company Profiles
We are an industry research center focusing on most aspects of China’s industries. We are devoted to research China’s industries and markets. We publish about 80 reports in Chinese. In late 2007, we entered English report market, and keep our consistent enthusiasm in improve the quality of our products.
Yuanzhe Consulting was set up in 2006, Chinese website: www.33report.com
China Research & Intelligence (started in 2008) is another name of Yuanzhe Consulting mainly for E nglish-speaking customers. English website: www.shcri.com
Our analysts
Each of our member has a masters’ degree or above. Most of the stuff have more than 5 year of working experience in market research. They are specialists in their professional fields.
Desk Research
Gather original information, compare data and verify the creditability.  Analyze and decompose the project tasks.  Assign tasks to different participants and make up work schedule.
Industry Interview
Through the interview with industrial experts, firms and distribution channels, make understanding of the industry and access the relevant market data and information about industrial development tendency etc.
Report Writing
After gathering abundant information, write report with the most pertinent and credible data, third-party information and our own view.
Report Reviewing
Review and verify the data source, data creditability and trustworthiness of other information.  This is done by senior analyst.
Fields of our research
Telecommunications and electricity / energy and chemical / engineering / E-business / finance / medical care / insurance / real estate and building materials / automobile and transport / Machinery and Heavy Industry, and so on.
Data Source
Telephone interview / web survey / informal discussion / expert advice / street survey / and other special channel information from the 3rd party institutions etc.
Customize Services
We provide customized market research services, including the followings:
1. Customers can amend our existing TOC of the reports in accordance with your demand, then we will provide you a customized report.
2. We provide market research services according to customers’specific needs.
3.We can report provides OEM services, copyrights belong to customers.
4.Fileds covered:Telcom & Internet, Heavy Industry, Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods, Finance and securities, etc..
5.Countries covered: Including but not limited to China and the Asia Pacific regional market.
After-Sale Services:
The data of each report we sold out will be updated to recent sources. And we signed a contract with our client and  provide after-sales services including return visit, FQA etc. for free.