Our Mission:

1. Make information on Chinese universities and the courses they offer clear and easily accessible.
- China has hundreds of universities and thousands of courses, many of them taught in English and open to international students. This is a vast amount of information, and it can be overwhelming. We keep the information clear, relevant and easily searchable.

2. Make the application process as simple as possible.
- Each university in China has a slightly different way of doing things, but we’ll help you deal with that process. We make the application process easy in order to encourage more people to apply to universities in China.

3. Help students find scholarships for degrees in China.
- Much like goal 1 and 2, we help international students get access to university, city and provincial funding for attending degree programs at university in China.

4. Remain a free service.
- Our core product, helping international applicants apply for university programs in China is free, and we do not charge a service fee for this.