There is a connection that one gains while having a family member that is a pet. A pet is as important as any other family member and needs as much attention and care as the rest. ChinnieShop understands this bond, through our own bonds. ChinnieShop, a chinchilla supplies store, is owned and operated by actual Chinchilla owners and know what a great and special exotic animal this breed is.

Chinchillas are such a unique animal that do not fall under any other category other than itself. I once read that when describing a chinchilla you can use various different words such as, squirrel, rabbit, mouse, but when it came down to it, the best word to describe these furballs of joy is, Chinchilla! Once you are able to come close to these animals you realize the truth behind these words.

Our love for chinchillas has helped us to envision and create ChinieShop.com. We want other chinchilla owners to find a one-stop place where they can purchase the best chinchilla supplies for their animals. We want to provide known brands that we have personally used and know that are perfect for chinchillas.

Our customers and their chinchillas come first, and we want to help that bond between pet and owner grow by not only offering great products, but sharing our own experiences, thoughts, and accomplishments with raising our own chinchillas.

When looking for the best for your exotic animal; when you want to know that the chinchilla supplies that you are purchasing are of the highest quality, and from a trusted source, who understands your chinchillas’ needs, look no further. ChinnieShop.com is that place. Welcome to ChinnieShop.com!