Chipkin is a building and industrial automation protocol expert. We sell, support, develop, install, configure protocol converters/gateways, data loggers, remote monitoring and control applications.

Founded in October 2000, Chipkin focuses on machine to machine data communications and remote monitoring. Our skills and solutions include protocols like BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks as well as interfaces for many fire, HVAC, lighting and other systems such as Simplex, Notifier, McQuay, GE to name just a few. With Chipkin, you are buying a solution, not a commodity: The combination of configuration, expertise in this field, free BACnet and other tools and support via phone, email, and remote desktop tools means Chipkin is right there with you.

As Chipkin sells its own solutions as well as solutions by other vendors you can rest assured that Chipkin will select the most appropriate solution for your application. Chipkin is a small responsive company. We live or die by the quality of our service and providing quality solutions at a good price to our customers.

With offices in two time zones, Chipkin is able to provide support when you need it.