Let our trained professionals help you escape your pain, heal your injury, and optimize your overall wellbeing

At North Florida Spine and Injury Center we pride ourselves at properly diagnosing your condition so that we can employ fast and effective treatment methods to aid in the healing process.  We employ the top, current, and researched backed treatment protocols to ensure that you live pain free.

Dr. Zeccardi and his staff of licensed and fully trained professionals have been helping the people of north Florida live pain free for many years.  By keeping current on the latest research and instituting proven treatment modalities we have been able to treat a wide variety of pain syndromes.

Our bodies are incredibly robust self-regulating and self-healing machines, if given the proper nourishment and environment to thrive. Our mission is to be problem focused in nature and not symptom focused.  By getting to the root cause of the condition and then using the proper healing techniques we aim to improve your overall health, wellbeing and longevity.