The world first Yoga and Meditation mat gallery is founded by  Fumie Mune, who is the founder of Herb yoga which is a stream of yoga practiced widely in Japan.  

There are many Herb yoga teachers, trainers of teachers and practitioners in Japan.

She is the leader of the Teachers Association of Herb Yoga International and the author of 2 books and 1 DVD of Herb Yoga in Japan.

She  also works as a Zen artist and make artistic, sustainable and empowering Yoga and meditation mats which are greatly appreciated in Tokyo.

"About Zen Kodo Mat"

Our yoga mat called Zen Kodo mat  is epoch‐making because of its three revolutionary characteristics.

First revolutionary characteristic of Zen Kodo mat is that it is beautifully dyed by natural herbs and decorated with Zen Art all by hand work.   It is taught in the tradition of Japanese Zen that Zen art can heal and release the tensions in your subtle body and helps to bring inspirations.

Second revolutionary characteristic of Zen Kodo mat is that  it is sustainable because it is made of all natural materials.  

It already started to having positive impacts on both yoga practitioners and the earth, because most of conventional yoga mats are petroleum-derived which are in fact causing to make loads on the earth.  

Third revolutionary characteristic of Zen Kodo mat is that it is empowering women in north east of Thailand.  We cooperate to create natural hand-made mats with a qualified farmers group in Buriram province.  We would like to spread our message that "Make more people happy by practicing yoga!"

"About Our Gallery in Thonglor, Bangkok"

The entire 5 floors of townhouse is opened for Zen Art Yoga mat Gallery.

In our gallery, visitors can watch, touch, and actually smell the mat all dyed with natural herbs.  They can also experience meditation actually on Zen Kodo mats.

Visitors can experience a fusion of True Zen Art brought from Japan and spirit of yoga with five senses which

undoubtedly will give them a moment full of inspirations and healing in the corner of this hectic city.