For fun-loving, sophisticated chocolate lovers, Choclatique is a chocolate paradise, the Holy Grail and Disneyland melted into one luscious sweet sensory experience. Choclatique beams as a delightful oasis in the oft-bland land of commercial chocolate-making. That’s what inspired the founders to set out on a very personal journey to create beautifully seductive, hand-crafted chocolates to tempt the lips, thrill the palate and tickle the tummy!

After four years of travel, tastings and experimentation with various techniques and recipes, these chocolate visionaries began to reach the pleasure summit they sought. Choclatique debuted in 2006. Today Choclatique offers an array of over 350 chocolate flavors in a multitude of assortments.

The Choclatique assortments of hand-made, hand-decorated and hand-packed chocolate truffles can be defined by one delicious expression: flavor thrills. Following time-honored traditions of French chocolate making, our Choclatique artisans continually discover innovative ways to create delightful and beautiful chocolates. In particular, they are known for our Authentically American flavors—Chic Cupcakes and Designer Donut truffles with flavors such as Cream Pie, Cup O’ Joe, Jelly Doughnut, Root Beer Float and Hot Fudge Sundae, to name just a few.  Their beautifully tempered chocolates are generously filled with premium nuts, luscious caramels, chewy nougats, and creamy ganache and a few are just wonderful solid chocolate—Dark, Milk, White and Azteca! Choclatique also offers a line of premium baking and beverage mixes, chocolate bars, nut brittles and toffee.

* Choclatique chocolate truffles are delicately cast molded chocolates, each with a unique artisan design.
* Choclatique’s richly presented chocolate truffles are crafted with the highest content of exotic cacao beans to bring the greatest health benefits without the bitterness associated with most European dark chocolates.
* Premium fine flavored cacao beans are harvested and selected from the finest growers in the Earth’s equatorial zone in Central and South American, Hawaii and Asia. All of Choclatique’s confections are rich in cacao content:

- Private Reserve Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolates (64% Cacao)
- Ebony Bitter-Sweet Dark Chocolate (72%)
- Elephant—Seriously Strong Dark Chocolate (76% Cacao)
- Q-91 Bitter-Sweet Chocolate (91% Cacao)
- Midnight Dark Baking Chocolate (100% Cacao)
- Prestige Milk Chocolates (32% Cacao)
- Heirloom Milk Chocolate (41% Cacao)
- Azteca (Mexican-Spiced) Milk Chocolates (32% Cacao)
- Snowy White Chocolates (33% Cacao)
- Sweet Deceit Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate (50% Cacao)
- Sweet Deceit Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate (43% Cacao)

* Choclatique’s cacao beans are slow-roasted for peak flavor allowing for the use of less sugar than is found in most other chocolate confections.
* Elegant Tiffany-like packaging… stylized, rich, chocolate brown reusable leather box leatherette boxes with double-face satin ribbons.
* Choclatique artisanal truffles and other chocolate products can be purchased in high-end boutiques, 5-star hotels and exclusive clubs, spas and online at www.Choclatique.com.
* There are over 60 sumptuous assortments of Choclatique boxed chocolate to choose from. Or, you can create your own signature assortment with the online Build-A-Box feature.

Choclatique is a privately-owned, super-premium chocolate company founded in 2003 by Ed Engoron and Joan Vieweger.  Hand-crafted in their Southern California Chocolate Studios by professional artisans and chocolatiers, Choclatique provides over 350 *Authentically American premium chocolate truffles and bars, barks, brittles, bakery and beverage mixes and chocolate ingredients, from traditional to whimsical, to secretly savor or share with those you love. Choclatique products are available in high-end boutiques, 5-star hotels and clubs and online at www.Choclatique.com, Amazon.com and Chocolate.com.

*Authentically American means great American chocolate made by American co-workers with American sourced ingredients. They’re proud to be Americans and support the United States economy.