Our family owned chocolate and gift shop offers organic, fair trade and vegan ingredients. Choquiero chocolates are made of dark chocolates and pure ingredients. Each chocolate is sweetened with unrefined low-glycemic coconut sugar, with no preservatives emulsifiers.

Our mission is sustainability. All of our wrappers are biodegradable and compostable. Even our displays are made from reusable wood boxes.

Choquiero Chocolate owner and permaculturist, Ariel Wolansky, is a Silver medal winner from the San Francisco Chocolate Salon. He was born in Argentina, lived in Chili, and traveled in South America. He brought his expertise in cacao and traditional cacao ceremonies to the Unites States, honoring the traditions of cacao making.

His warm and inviting chocolate and gift shop in Nevada City, California includes crafts from local artisans, and a back yard for traditional cacao ceremonies.