CHOR POLICE will deliver fresh, tasty, vegetarian meals to corporate professionals from 15th December. The meals are prepared by women and large orders are handled by seasoned chefs. Team CHOR POLICE do not compromise on quality and clients can be assured of quality ingredients and customers are welcome to visit CHOR POLICE cooking facilities/cooks any time and audit our material.  Our tiffins are in 4 and 5 container sizes depending on lunch type. Company also takes on special orders for non-subscription members and delivers them in sealed tray. If you are in-transit in train or in guest house and want taste of Gujarati food or Dhokla, earlier the choices were limited to low quality food on railway stations and street vendors. Now you can get pure, freshly prepared food delivered to your location.
   CHOR POLICE stresses a lot of bringing consistency across our cooks. Company has engaged a recipe expert as a consultant to document popular recipes which will be later offered as an ebook from CHOR POLICE site. Company also intends to put up cooking videos and run cooking, catering, housekeeping classes and contests.
   The food industry has always been seen as a business where owners work round the clock and operators struggle financially. However, the three partners of CHOR POLICE looks to roll out franchises and also offer virtual points to members, and tiffin subscribers. In 3 years, once the partners decide to convert to Pvt Limited entity, partners intend to offer shares to first 1000 members and franchise network and cooks.
   Gujarati audience typically wants variety. Team CHOR POLICE is aware of this and will be looking to bring in lot more variety and combo options in Corporate Tiffin space. Even in family, it is challenge to bring in variety in meals by housewives but team CHOR POLICE has taken a task to bring new food items that will keep people's taste buds tingling for next meal. Team knows very well that variety is key to retain customers.
   When there is a strong need to spread the message of hygiene and avoid junk food, CHOR POLICE is a new entrant in Ahmedabad for people who are willing to pay right price for eating well and staying healthy. Bhaumik Vasavada, Tejas Darji and Roshan Shah has embarked upon a journey to deliver a variety of food service from Corporate Meals, to Catering to Canteen Management, Special Events, Festival Cooking and Theme based restaurant.