I am a children's author. I wrote 2 wonderful books: "Russian Winter Folk Tales" and "Unforgettable Christmas: Day-by-Day Events, Activities, and Resources Guide to 25 Days of Christmas".

"Russian Winter Folk Tales"  is an exciting collection of twenty folk tales for all ages that takes you on a thrilling adventure to Winter Wonderland. You will meet Father Frost, Snowmaiden, Fairy Snowflake, Master of the Winds, Queen Winter and many other amazing characters. You will take a ride on an oven, go ice fishing, make a journey to the North and find answers to such questions as: How winter begins? Why snow is white? Why fir tree is evergreen? Why the sun does not rise in the North in winter? All beautiful illustrations in this book are created by children, winners of the International Art Contest organized by me in 2010.

"Unforgettable Christmas" is a comprehensive guide to festive activites you and your family can enjoy every day starting December 1 (or even Thanksgiving weekend in some cases). "Unforgettable Christmas" is a very specific guide with directions, pointers, and relevant website addresses for various activities as well as their budget alternatives. It gives you ideas about things to do and where, when and how to plan them.