Uncompromised, End-Time, New Wine

Jim Giatas is an Orthodox Christian singer/ songwriter who proclaims the good news of life in Christ. In these perilous end-times, Jim is blessed with a clear sense of vision as a serious artist who writes and performs songs with uncompromising lyrics firmly based in the Holy Scriptures and in the Holy Tradition of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. In this age of confusion, compromise, secularization, and the dulling of our doctrinal acuity, we emphasize apostolic tradition, continuity, and conservatism over a 2,000 year history.

"We preserve the Doctrine of the Lord uncorrupted, and firmly adhere to the faith He delivered to us, and keep it free from blemish and diminution, as a Royal Treasure, and a monument of great price, neither adding anything, nor taking anything from it." (Eastern Patriarchs to the English Non-Jurors, 1718)

Jim has found the peace of God through repentance in the ancient, undivided, Holy Orthodox Church after years of agony and personal searching. He is of the conviction, however unpopular, that the purity of the Gospel message must never be sacrificed for feelings, "spiritual experiences" or a desire to become more acceptable to the world.

Jim has accepted the great commission of the Lord Jesus Christ to forsake all, and fully consecrate himself to leading people to God through Orthodox Christianity as his great and only lifework. The life of Christ richly dwells in him as he ministers in spiritual songs, singing with grace in his heart for the Lord.

"The aim and final reason for all music
should be none else than the glory of God."

For concert performance bookings contact:  giatas@netsync.net

Jim Giatas

118 Center Street

Fredonia, NY 14063



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