Merchant Resources International has been a leading provider of merchant cash advances for over seven years.

Our rigorously trained funding specialists work hard to fund merchants across the United States and in Canada.

In addition to providing easily accessible funds, we give merchants (owners of retail and/or service-oriented businesses) peace of mind and hope, as we make it possible for small business owners to obtain the business cash that is necessary to grow and develop their businesses. We also give second chances to small business owners who have been unable to secure traditional methods of business financing.

Our merchant cash advances make it possible for merchants to expand upon their dreams, ensure customer satisfaction and protect something sacred, their businesses.

A staple in communities across the United States, MRI's merchant cash advances have helped keep small businesses' doors open and allowed individuals to keep their dollars circulating within their own communities.

We have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau and 85% of our customers renew their merchant cash advances. We look forward to our merchants' continued success.