In 1988, Montessori American School opened its doors with 48 students. Today the school serves 96 children between the ages of 2 and 6 years.

Edith Gruener, founder and principal, has been instrumental in all phases and facets of the school's growth. Her school has developed a reputation among the community for its unique program serving young children.

Situated in Bonita, the facility is distinguished by its beautiful indoor-outdoor learning areas. A well-equipped park like playground, air-conditioned classrooms and adjoining gardens that are part of the overall Montessori plan for learning.

Designed and sized for young children, each room is self-contained with a bathroom and plenty of space for individual and group activity.

Montessori American School is committed to Academic Excellence, and has been since 1988. Visit www.MontessoriAmerican.com or call (619) 422-1220 for more information.