Church Publishing is an independent eBook house inspired by Noodle Church, the superhero who teamed with Aliens to end Earth's war on terror then lay a path for World Peace. Church Publishing aims to market stories that help people build better, more productive societies.

Founded in 2011 when the President of Church joined forces with Cosmo Starlight, author of Noodle Church, to produce a web series called Church, The Television Show, after publishing Starlight’s first novel "Freedom Incorporated" in 2012 this ePublisher since produced its second author Ethan Collins in ’13.

The Company is now working with three authors and has two new novels in its pipeline. As Church expands genres, formats, and distribution it has begun to publish non-fiction with a debut white paper on security. Church Publishing has also hired internationally recognized artists and is currently accepting applications for collaboration on picture books.

Church accepts author submissions. Check Church Publishing’s website often or visit its public relations page at church-publishing.com/public-relations today!