The Church of Ahriman is a legally filed 501c in Oklahoma, Texas, and, Massachusetts.  We are dedicated to the God known as Ahriman.  At the Church's root understanding, we are classified as a Traditional Ahrimanic Satanic Church.  Meaning that we believe that the Devil (Ahriman) is our God of worship.  We are a religious organization that is on the mission to educate the public and our members about real actual devil worship and debunk the Hollywood projected image.  The President and Founder of the Church of Ahriman is responsible for the Church of the IV Majesties and Dastur Adam Daniels also planned, wrote, financed, and managed the first Public Satanic Ritual in a Government building in the United Stated.  Due to the PR representative sexually abusing the other co-founder, Mobed Kelsey Daniels, Dastur Adam Daniels legally dissolved the Church of the IV Majesties.  This monster did continue to do the public event.
Then Dastur Adam Daniels and Mobed Kelsey Daniels founded the Church of Ahriman.  This Church has done the First outdoor public ritual, first legally binding Satanic Wedding, has a book scheduled to be released by Dorrance publishing in March 2014, and has an actual theistic bible written for the church's worship.  We also have numerous websites dedicated to the educational process to include podcast, videos, and reading material.  We are the real Satanists who work offline as a legal organization, many have claimed to do what we do, but none have the proof!