The Church of Reiki has been formed to recognize the Spiritual Precepts of Reiki and the practices of Reiki Practitioners worldwide. Locally, the Church of Reiki hosts a Reiki Circle on Thursday nights at 7pm. Information about joining the Reiki Circle from anywhere in the world can be found online at ChurchofReiki.org.

Through the online presence of the Church of Reiki, Reiki Practitioners worldwide can connect and become Ministers in the Church of Reiki. The Church of Reiki will Ordain as Minister in Good Standing any Reiki Practitioner who has had at least their 1st Degree initiation in Reiki. Through Ordination Reiki Practitioners will be able to officiate weddings, solemnize funerals, as well as being recognized a an official Minister with the Church of Reiki.

In addition to the Religious Practices at the Church of Reiki that are open to the public and in keeping with the Spiritual Precepts of Reiki, the Church of Reiki has a number of Charitible causes it is working to materialize. From education to Charitble giving, the Church of Reiki seeks to heal the communities in which it is found.

While the Church of Reiki has humble beginnings in Venice, FL, you can join the Church of Reiki online at https://www.churchofreiki.org