CiVentiChem’s core competence is complex organic chemistry, process development, and large scale manufacturing.

We provide contract research, contract manufacturing, and analytical services from both our headquarters located near the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, and from our division in Hyderabad India. We have been successfully partnering with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agroscience and other life sciences companies since 1994.

Our services encompass all areas of complex organic chemistry including:

• Contract research and medicinal chemistry for drug discovery, we have more than 2,500 unique building blocks to offer our clients.

• Process development and route optimization to assist in the drug development cycle, including feasibility studies whenever appropriate.

• Custom synthesis of advanced intermediates from bench through Pilot Plant to as much as 2.5 tons per month largescale manufacturing.


CiVentiChem owns and operates facilities in the USA and in India. Both are well equipped with a wide range of laboratory synthesis and isolation equipment ranging from 5 milliliter to 2,000 liters. Overall we have over 16000 L of reaction and work-up capacity. Our kilo labs and pilot plant enable us to produce gram to ton quantities of complex organic molecules and advanced pharmaceutical intermediates,  supported by specialized high pressure equipment to broaden our synthetic reach. Both of our sites have access to a full suite of analytical and other equipment for in-process analysis and final product quality assurance.

Our services include:
• Medicinal chemistry & lead optimization
• Custom synthesis and contract R&D services
• Small-scale & large-scale synthesis of intermediates
• Building blocks for drug discovery
• FTE and fixed bid contracts
• Process R&D and new route development
• Small-scale & large-scale manufacturing
• Synthesis of stable labeled compounds

All projects monitored from CiVentiChem USA

Our global operations offer 24-hour technical activities allied with local (USA) solutions for services, project management, IP control, communication, reporting and streamlined logistics including import and export management.