Three world-class cider producers to be distributed by Alliance Wine

Cider Is Wine, the trade alliance and promoter of ciders made exclusively from 100% apples and pears, has negotiated a distribution set-up with Alliance Wines for three of its cider producer members.

10 ciders make up the new Alliance Wines cider range from Once Upon A Tree, Pilton Ciders and Brännland Cider.

Each cidery is representative of its terroir, apple varietals, the cidermaker and their individual cider-making style. What they have in common is outstanding quality.

The ciders presented in the Once Upon A Tree range include Wild Flight, a wild ferment Dabinett (apple varietal), two innovative co-ferments, one which sees Dabinett fermented on Pinot Noir grape skins, a second fermented on the on-trend Bacchus varietal, and a Pear Ice Wine.

The Brännland range consists of four superlative naturally-cold ice ciders (Iscider), some served in Michelin star restaurants around Europe, and include Pernilla Perle, Claim Iscider, the original IsCider and Barrique IsCider.

Pilton Ciders use the unique cider technique of keeving, a fermentation process that preserves a small amount of natural residual sugar, whilst allowing the ciders to naturally develop deliciously rich colour. This star line-up consists of Tamoshanta, aged in oak casks, the original Pilton Keeved, and the unusual Pomme Pomme, fermented exclusively from apple and quince juice.

Garech Byrne, Head Buyer at Alliance Wine, said:
“Alliance has never been afraid to do things differently and this is the first time that we have included products which are not wine.
We feel there is a terrific opportunity for these ciders to sit alongside wine on a drinks list, or on shelf. They fill the growing need for lower alcohol options and desire for more natural styles that the consumer is looking for. Happily, unlike low alcohol wine, there is no lack in flavour or complexity and there are also great options for food matching.”

The ciders range retails from £4.49 for Once Upon A Tree Wild Flight (375ml), £8.49 for the Pilton Keeved and Tamoshanta (75cl), all the way up to £30 for Brännland IsCider (375ml).

The UK market for ciders made exclusively from apples and pears positioned like wine is estimated to be worth £150 million alone, with average retail prices significantly above those of traditional ciders.

Alistair Morrell, CEO of Cider Is Wine, commented:
“The UK drinks trade is changing and has to respond to the changing demand from consumers. They want to drink less alcohol, but when they do they want the real deal – authentic, artisan, real craft from real people. Ciders and perries made from 100% apples and pears embody what those consumers want and represent a great opportunity for exploration and discovery. We are therefore delighted to have helped these cideries in finding UK distribution.”

Cider Is Wine’s 10 year objective is to have ciders and perries fermented exclusively from apples and pears as a recognised drinks segment by both the trade and consumers.

These ciders will surprise and delight consumers and trade connoisseurs alike and their listing with Alliance Wine is one step along the road to changing consumer and trade perceptions about ciders fermented exclusively from apples and pears, a process which is just like wine-making, but using a different fruit.

About Cider Is Wine
Cider Is Wine is a trade alliance of 13 cider producers, who all ferment ciders and perries exclusively from apples and pears, never from concentrate. Its role is to promote, advocate and market these ciders and perries, educating and informing consumer and trade markets.
Established in 2018 it has already persuaded thousands of consumers and hundreds of trade executives about 100% apple and pear ciders.