Justen Cimino is a craftsman with over 20 years of experience. His handcrafted work -- with archival quality materials -- creates the best possible result for framed works of art, family memorabilia, professional certificates, art objects. Justen frames hard-to-frame or unusual items as well.

Using design principles, and guided by his own unerring taste and flair, Justen creates framed works which enhance any decor, and show the framed work in its best possible light. Justen uses materials, design principles, color concepts, and takes into consideration the environment in which the object will be displayed -- i.e., interior design considerations such as room size and lighting --  in achieving the end result of a beautiful, and useful framed piece. Justen considers, designs, and plans around fulfilling the customer’s needs and desires concerning the final framed piece, as well as coming within the customer’s desired timeline and price range.

Cimino Gallery showcases the work of local artists, both to give exposure to these artists, as well as provide his customers with inspiration and ideas of their own as they make decisions about the kind of art and wall decoration which they would like include in their homes and workplaces.