Cincom Systems of Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of US-based Cincom Systems. For 42 years, Cincom's problem-solving software, services, and people have helped thousands of companies all over the world grow and manage their business.

The Australian subsidiary, established in 1975, services both Australia and New Zealand. Cincom and its partners provide innovative software solutions and services that simplify clients’ businesses and help them deliver the perfect customer experience.

Cincom delivers software, services and outsourcing to simplify complex business processes. Cincom’s simpler, smarter solutions provide high value at low cost, from growing revenue, controlling costs, minimising risks and achieve a rapid ROI.

Cincom enterprise technologies include contact centre software, document automation software, manufacturing software, product configuration software, healthcare software, database management software and application development software. Each software solution is rigorously designed for simplicity, ease of use and flexibility. Rapid implementation means you get value from our solutions faster, with less cost and lower risk.

Software solutions include:
–     Document Automation, Generation, Quality & Compliance
–     Enterprise Quality Management and Compliance
–     ERP for SME and ERP for Complex Mfg
–     Contact Centre
–     Data Management
–     Application Development

Business Locations
Cincom are located throughout the world, with offices in North and South America, Canada, Europe (i.e. Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and UK) as well as across Asia Pacific, including Australia, China, India and Japan.

In Australia, Cincom have office locations in Sydney and Melbourne.

Targeted Customer Industry
•     Aerospace & Defence
•     Banking/ Financial/Insurance
•     Computer Services
•     Consumer Packaged Goods
•     Education Services
•     Energy Utilities
•     Government, Central/Federal
•     Government, State/Provincial/Local
•     Healthcare/ Life Sciences
•     Media & Entertainment
•     Non-Profit Organisations
•     Retail & Industrial & Manufacturing
•     Telecommunications
•     Travel and Transportation
•     Wholesale Distribution & Services

Targeted Customer Size
•     SME (1 – 100 people)
•     Medium (100 – 500)
•     Large (500 – 1000)
•     Enterprise (1000+)