Cine’ Foundry Entertainment is active in developing, financing, producing and co-producing high quality, niche’ oriented motion pictures and new media entertainment. At the core of Ciné Foundry is a producing and management team (James Suttles, Greg Kraus and Kenneth Altman) with credits that include “Alone Yet Not Alone”, “Red Dirt Rising”, Reader’s Digest, ASCAP, Harley Davidson, Simon and Schuster, the PGA, and Time, Inc.

Cine’ Foundry’ Entertainment’s business strategy is to develop and produce original content for a variety of formats and platforms, including DVD, Blu-ray Disc®, VOD (video-on-demand), streaming delivery, broadcast television, cable, satellite, theatrical and non-theatrical exploitation. The company’s strong relationships within the industry, ownership of industry standard production equipment and years of experience behind the camera will enable it to realize these goals more effectively and efficiently than many other companies in the industry.