CinePark: Empowering Connections Through Creative Storytelling

Founded by Rashad Scroggins, CinePark is a dynamic entertainment and education company headquartered in Los Angeles. At the heart of CinePark’s mission is the integration of engaging storytelling with educational experiences, designed to inspire and educate a diverse audience.

Core Operations:

    •     Film Production: CinePark produces films and series that are notable for their authentic storytelling and diverse themes. Our productions aim to reflect the complexities of real life, providing both entertainment and valuable life lessons.
    •     Literary Ventures: We publish books that extend the reach of our film themes into the literary world. Our flagship children’s book, “Whootington Woods: A Fable Genesis,” is designed to strengthen parent-child relationships through shared reading and interactive activities.
    •     CinePark Academy: With courses in acting and directing, our academy nurtures emerging talent. The curriculum focuses on practical skills and real-world challenges, preparing students for successful careers in the arts.
    •     Community Engagement: CinePark is committed to community service. We organize events that foster community ties and celebrate cultural diversity, from film screenings to educational workshops.

Our Vision:
CinePark strives to be at the forefront of merging creative media with educational initiatives. Our projects serve as bridges—connecting generations, supporting community development, and enhancing educational outcomes through the arts.

Our Impact:
Through our innovative approach to entertainment and education, CinePark has touched the lives of many, providing tools for learning and growth. We continue to expand our reach, developing new content that supports our vision of making a positive impact on society.

Whether through the silver screen or the pages of a book, CinePark remains dedicated to crafting meaningful narratives that educate, entertain, and inspire.