is about being a woman.

And a woman is about

... Passion... Adventure... Fashion...Business... Fantasy... Loving... Spice...

A woman is about living and enjoying every minute of it!

CNMN Handwear is about you.

So.... take yourself by the hand.....

Savour sensuous leathers, hand-crafted by Italian masters, the finest in the world.

Lavish your skin in supple suede and delicate kidskin.

Caress your fingers in the comfort of silk and cashmere linings.

Revel in colors and styles that set the pace, settle the score or light the fire...

You're in charge!

With CNMN you are the Leading Lady. You deserve nothing but the best.

CNMN knows how to handle men too!

Just take a peek at CNMN Man...

The same premium quality and attention to detail you find in our women's collection is evident

throughout CNMN Man.


Slip your hands into CNMN Man...You're in for the ride of your life!

And a few words about us...Cinnamonn, two women with passion for living.

We believe life is about being who you are, where you are, when you are ... and knowing it.

We look for ways to bring elements of excitement into every day.

We choose things that elevate our awareness of who we are.

We appreciate style and create collections that characterize our passion.

We dream and we share our dreams.

We are CNMN.