Citadel Advisory Group is a mid-market Investment Banking and merger and acquisition advisory firm focusing on the energy service sector and related industries (manufacturing and transportation.)

The experience of the Citadel Advisory Group team is deep, as well as wide, covering the fields of law, finance, accounting, human resources, entrepreneurism, and marketing. Our team of transaction, financial, and legal specialists excels in providing proactive and highly personalized services to our clients. Our clients consist of both privately-held and public companies across the country looking for exit planning, specific strategic acquisitions, divestitures, or growth capital. We remain involved every step of the way - from sourcing, through due diligence, to post-close consultation.

We partner with your trusted advisors to deliver the best possible outcomes, working together like a well-oiled machine to help you achieve your goals.

Citadel Advisory Group always puts the interest of our clients above all others, meaning that if we feel the market timing isn’t optimal for maximum return, we’ll advise a “prepare and wait” approach. If facets of your company can be restructured to better position you for future success, we consult with you and plan a course of action. For sell-side engagements, we don’t get paid until our clients do. We’re not interested in getting a deal done quickly if that means leaving money on the table – our goal is the right investor, at the right time, at the maximum return for the owner.