Citation Technologies Inc. is a world leader in the field of online document management solutions. Portals running under the citation platform include our flagship product, CyberRegs, a comprehensive collection of regulatory information of interest to environmental, and health & safety, and transportation compliance officers. This portal covers United States federal, state, and local regulations, statutes, registers, and other compliance materials, and similar online documents for the rest of North America and selected worldwide jurisdictions.

Many other organizations also present their intellectual property on subscription websites powered by citation. These include many of the best known names in industry standards, and major companies who use the platform to host their private internal documents. With its extremely powerful capabilities in recognizing document structure, cross-linking, and a host of value added tools, citation is the platform for today and tomorrow for online document presentation.

Citation Technologies is both a supplier of the premier citation platform for providing Internet access to valuable documents, and also a user of that technology to power its own CyberRegs portal. The CyberRegs product is a regulatory document library offering the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regultions. The citation platform also powers a full Standards web portal offering standards from all major standards development organizations. Citation Technologies has also expanded its reach to the global compliance market and now offers a variety of International compliance solutions.

CyberRegs - A subscription-based, Internet regulatory document library, containing a very extensive set of Federal, State, North American, and other major jurisdictions' documents, including regulations, statutes, registers, forms, and guidance documents. Although specifically targeted at environmental, health and safety, and transportation compliance specialists, CyberRegs includes complete coverage in the Federal arena, and expanded coverage in many other areas.

Global Compliance Resource - Multi-national companies must comply with all regulations and standards that have been adopted by the jurisdiction in which they do business. From country protocols to a comprehensive applicability review tool, Citation Technologies has the International compliance products your organization needs.

Standards - Citation Technologies is a leading provider of technical standards, codes, specifications, Government/Military standards and specifications, and related documents. Citation Technologies offers documents from more than 370 technical societies around the world. Standards can be purchased individually or by subscription to a collection of documents. Delivery formats include PDF or HTML with a productivity-enhancing tool set.

All of our products are powered by the citation platform, which provides a host of features that increase the value of its documents to its users. These include advanced keyword and citation searching, linking and "reverse" linking, document comparison, change notification, and many more services. citation is so powerful that is has been made available as a product, and is now in use by major organizations that need a quality structured document management platform for their own valuable content.