A perennial favourite amongst the discerning Sydney corporate crowd, the City Hotel combines old-world charisma and easy-going elegance with a contemporary sensibility and bent. It’s the type of place where one could just as easily hold a board meeting or a business lunch as a casual drink with friends, or a group dinner. That can probably be attributed in part to the hotel’s laid-back charm, popular menu and stunning views, but it’s probably also partly a result of the slew of spaces available for use.

Downstairs, forming the heart of the City Hotel’s bustling action, is the main bar and terrace. The former is charming and elegant, every bit the old-school pub with its chesterfields and antique lighting fixtures. The terrace is decidedly more modern, with stylish contemporary features framing a view of Darling Harbour. They’re opposites, although in a way that complements rather than jars. The main bar boasts a seasonal menu, as well as all the usual suspects behind the bar.

The two function venues of the City Hotel are the Emperor Room, and the Kent Street Living Room. The Emperor Room is old-world Japan meets modern style, lending itself to everything from karaoke to board meetings. The Kent Street Living Room however, is more of a trip to 19th century England. With the range of potential function venues housed within the City Hotel’s walls, the popular pub/restaurant/bistro is a good pick for birthdays, engagements, conferences, meetings, lunches and just about everything in between.

Sydney’s City Hotel is found on the corner of Kent and King Streets, just about overlooking Darling Harbour. Wynyard Station is a short walk away, and there are plenty of other options as far as public transport goes.