CiviGuard Technologies is dedicated to providing mobile phone solutions to aid civilian population in times of crisis through authoritative & reliable information delivery over mobile communications networks. Current solutions include CiviCast and CiviCommand.

With CiviCast (http://civiguard.com/videos.html), the idea is that in an emergency/crisis/disaster/pandemic situation, any civilian with a smart phone (say iPhone or Google Android) will be able to receive reliable, integrated information from the local authorities. For example, in the context of H1N1, they might receive information as to where they can find the nearest vaccination clinic, local closures, precautions etc.

CiviCommand (http://civiguard.com/civilian.html) allows the appropriate authorities to input their information into a central system so that incident command at HQ has an evolving idea of what the ground situation looks like. Again, using H1N1 as an example, local medical personnel & public health offices would be able to easily track the outbreak, incidence and density of H1N1 occurrences.

More demos and information are on our website at www.civiguard.com.