ClaimReturn is the industry game changer. The cost of medical services to companies is high partly due to improperly paid medical claims. ClaimReturn works with providers, carriers, municipalities and school districts and third-party administrators to restore medical claims payments and pricing integrity. It is just that simple. Our business thrust focuses on providing to our Clients the following services:

Full Comprehensive Medical Claims Audits
Out of Network Fee Negotiations.
Recovery and Reporting on lost revenue from improperly paid claims.
Duplicate Paid Claims analysis.
Sample audits that are available upon request.

Discover how ClaimReturn can be your ally to reduce your medical costs, improve pricing integrity. Finally, recover the funds that need not be paid. Reduce exposure to claims being paid twice, or outside of the government standard.

ClaimReturn looks at medical claims by unbundling each claim to find pricing anomalies at the claim-line level. ClaimReturn provides a unique analysis provided knowledge of your current medical claims system.

ClaimIQ is a proprietary advanced claims logic system designed on the discovery of improperly paid claims. Analysis, Reporting, Reconciliation, and Recovery of improperly paid medical claims, as this is what we do. Our benchmark of service extends to our clients, employees, regulators, physicians, third-party administrators, trustees, strategic partners, investors, and stakeholders. Compliance and integrity are the cornerstones of our operations.

ClaimReturn creates a value-based retrospective pricing integrity system. Our analytics finds pricing issues by using the information gained via billing patterns, trends, and the business propensity. Both Business and medical standards are applied to our analysis.

We will make your client services better. We are the solution that your competition does not have.

Contact us: Kevin Tomkiel, President | PH: (760) 871-4300 | M: kevin@claimreturn.com