Dr. Song uses a holistic approach to improve a patient’s overall well-being and she places a high priority on better function with the most effective oral health and reconstructive treatments. Dr. Song treats patients who may need structural changes and finds that certain procedures can improve breathing and create a better aesthetic outcome.

When you meet with Dr. Song for your consultation, you can trust that you are working with an experienced professional. She’s here to help you achieve your oral health and cosmetic goals, and is here to answer any questions you may have.

Dr. Song’s approach includes:

Complete Health History Review – Dr. Song and her team will review your health history, treatments received, and take X-rays to determine the current condition of your teeth and oral health.

Comprehensive Oral Exam – your exam will include checking for any problems, inspecting the teeth for signs of periodontal disease, and digital X-rays.

Treatment Plan – Dr. Song will put together a customized treatment plan with pricing and fees. This treatment plan will give you a better idea of a timeline for treatment and maps out all treatment goals.

Administering Treatment – Whether you need fillings, extensive restorative work, or cosmetic dentistry treatments, Dr. Song will provide the highest level of quality care.

Patient Services – Dr. Song strives to educate patients about oral health and preventive care during every visit. AnaBella Dentistry staff will follow up with you to make sure you understand how to maintain results after treatment.