For almost 10 years, servicing startups to Fortune 500s, Clarity Ventures, Inc. has been creating waves in the web design and development, SEO services, eCommerce, integration and business software community. With eight years of consecutive growth of well over 50% every year, Clarity is on track to become the next "Who's Who" in the web design and development sector. While remaining lean and mean, Clarity is about to experience another round of growth that will bring on board some of the brightest minds available in the marketplace. Clarity is located in beautiful Austin, Texas. Every employee works in the office, and they never outsource any of your project. From design to reality, project management, QA and site launch, you’re in good hands with Clarity, having delivered over 1,000 successful web projects.

Clarity has serviced over 600 clients launching projects from $5k to over $1M across virtually every industry. Clarity is a Microsoft and Dell partner, has won multiple web design awards, is SEO certified, Microsoft Dynamics certified, DNN certified, holds over 21 national coding awards and is currently the number 1 top DNN Gold Certified Global partner. All this with over 350 years of combined experience makes it possible for us to be experts on virtually any web, eCommerce or integration project you may have.

While Clarity offers high-quality services, they deliver industry-leading web solutions like Clarity eCommerce™, their flagship Enterprise-class eCommerce platform that serves B2B, affiliates, custom integrations well into the Millions of SKUs. Clarity eCommerce is an enterprise-level, high performance, and scalable eCommerce software platform. The platform offers a plethora of business intelligence applications that positively impact all departments of your organization. Apparatuses include a built-in integration to a robust content management system, complete set of administrative tools, native search engine optimization tools and architecture, revenue producing business intelligence tools, reporting and analytics, and back-end integration of global shipping and tax calculations all tied in directly to your existing ERP and CRM systems. Designed as a development platform, allowing you to customize it to adapt, automate and improve your business, rather than you having to adapt your business practice to some off-the-shelf shopping cart. So once you're on Clarity eCommerce™, no matter if you're an enterprise, B2B, B2C or normal company, you will never have to buy another eCommerce platform again.

Clarity Connect™ is the next product offered. Clarity has delivered over 3,000 client integrations, which led them many years ago to build and deliver their own custom integration middleware platform. Robust APIs, extensive OCR data integration, – these were all requirements from Parts For Heating. The Clarity Connect™ platform coupled with the Clarity eCommerce™ solution enabled Clarity to bring to bear a API driven site with the ability to extend the core functionality to bring in OCR data that delivered an increase in over 200% of the previous product data. Furthermore, with the Enterprise eCommerce platform’s customizability Clarity was also able to highly customize the inbound marketing and SEO delivery as well to bring a full solution from raw PDF and textual data into the site so the Client could realize the full potential of their specialized knowledge.This platform provides support for data warehousing, ETL, hub and spoke, Enterprise bus, EDI, XML, HIPAA and virtually every other methodology and platform format.

Clarity’s final product offering is a Program management tool, called Clarity SmartSchedule™. While it can be used for any industry, Clarity’s most recent uses were in the medical and government sector, working on the USO’s Global Schedule and LDR’s Global Medical Scheduler. Clarity SmartSchedule™ is a Medical Sales Reps’ dream. It gives them a single portal where they can easily schedule requests, peer-to-peer appointments, surgery consultations, register for events and more. From their home office, on the road, or in the operating room, Sales reps will have direct access to schedule VIP visits and schedule appointments for surgical observations, device consults and more. Although sales is the life-blood that drives your business, regulatory compliance violations can stop it, and a lot faster. That’s where SmartSchedule excels. For Program Managers, this means that built into the workflow are all the necessary components to ensure that your transactions adhere to the Stark Law and Anti-kickback statute oversight requirements.