Clavel Rowe Public Relations provides an integrated marketing and public relations service to help businesses better communicate with their target audiences.  Our clients benefit from maximum positive exposure, reputation management, and in case of negative issues, crisis and issues management.  

We know what makes a good news story, and better yet, we design campaigns that generate stories.  Our senior consultant has over thirty years experience working with the media, locally and internationally with a proven track record of regular media coverage.    

Youe company's events such as product launches, major milestones and sponsorship activities can conveted into exciting publicity campaigns and  our creativity  will ensure that your story is communicated in a positive light.

Unfortunately, there are times when incidents or issues arrise that maybe embarrassing.  A crisis may develop such as an unfortunate industrial incident, or your reputation is on the line, Clavel Rowe can guide you though such difficult times using our crisis management skills to communicate the correct story to secure understanding.

So -  let's communicate.