As a wellness coach I'm committed to supporting others in learning about the many and varied complex components of health and wellness, and in learning to see and understand health from a holistic perspective. This includes the many aspects of "living well" and making choices that allow us to do that, as well as avoiding toxins and toxic exposures, which lead to disease and health challenges.  I'm also very committed to ongoing learning, and spend a great deal of my time researching the various and interconnected aspects of healthy living, and what impacts our bodies positively and negatively.  I work hard to make sure that information which I offer to others is grounded in research versus "the latest hype."  While my business began with Young Living and their products, this is one of the layers of wellness support and strategies that I share.  These products allow us to use what is here and naturally derived from nature to support our needs, and avoid synthetically derived chemicals as well as their deleterious effects.  Yet, they are only part of the picture, and living well and toward health and wellness include much more than embracing an "oily" life, and wellness requires understanding of the various components of it--and making as many positive choices for this end that we are willing and able to.  I'm indebted to Young Living for opening my eyes to many of these facts. I'm also very committed to helping others, globally.  This is another reason that Young Living Essential Oils was a best fit for me.  Not only are they a company who is dedicated to producing top quality pure products that are optimally sourced with sustainable methods, but they are committed to stewardship, and to giving and helping.  Their many foundation projects are all 100% funded at the administrative level, and reach people globally who are desperately in need of help and outreach.  I'm dedicated to everything they are about, their vision, their mission, and passionate about getting wellness information out to as many as I can reach, and the appropriate products and supports as well.

My teaching began in my "old life," as a college instructor when I was pre-cancer, pre-Lyme disease, and when I thought I was living healthy.  Disease changed me, and changed my life.  Learning about toxins and wellness supports that are toxin-free and which help me to live a better life has changed me as well.  I truly want to help others get away from the GMO's, the antibiotic treated foods, the microwave, the toxic chemicals in their everyday household and personal care products, and to understand they they too, have power over their health.  There ARE many alternative choices out there, people just need to be educated about it--and its not happening in colleges!  I'm dedicated to making this happen, and to helping people in accessing their best self through knowledge, action and in utilizing the healing powers found in nature.