Clear® is pioneering the way for affordable Invisalign® treatment by identifying a market that was missing in the dental field. We are the first Invisalign only office. We don't do restorative work, braces, or cleanings. It's simple, we only provide invisalign.

What does this mean for you? → The same Invisalign treatment, from the same Certified Invisalign Doctors, at a price you can afford!

This unique specialization has made it possible to offer invisalign at the lowest price ever seen on the market without sacrificing patient care or product quality. We still only use the brand name clear orthodontic aligners known as Invisalign, yet clear® is consistently a $1000 (or more) dollars less then all other Invisalign providers. Why pay more for the same thing?

Contact Us Today For A Invisalign Consultation or to start Invisalign treatment for $3,500!