Predictive Analytics for everyone

ClearPredictions.com is a Dutch software firm providing a powerful online predictive analytics app, but without the complexity of traditional analytics tools. Our aim is to stand out from these solutions that are complex and can be operated only by experts with high analytical skills.
With ClearPredictions.com every company can predict customer behavior now, for example which customer might leave (churn). Just like the big multinationals do.

Why use it?
Instead of looking backward to analyze “What happened?” using reports, predictive analytics help executives answer "What will happen?". Growing volumes and types of data makes it more interesting to produce valuable information. Analyzing historic data enables decisions that can give you a competitive advantage.

What is it?
ClearPredictions.com uses customer data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to calculate the probability of future events. Thus, based on historical customer data, predictions are performed on individual customer behavior. These predictions are performed by analyzing at a speed, volume, and complexity that is often too great for humans.

How does it work?
The data needed to create predictive models consists of CRM data such as age and address, call center data such call reason and notes, transactions and whatever data is available. The algorithms filter out irrelevant data automatically.
Then the system automatically creates a predictive model. The model will be tested with a small set of data that has been kept aside in order to verify whether the predicted outcomes are correct.

Where can I use it?
In general: take data you have, to predict data you don't have. Automate operational decisions without human intervention by using predictive models which have been trained over your data, learning from the experiences of your organization.

See also http://www.ClearPredictions.com