ClearViewIP is an international Intellectual Property Consultancy and Patent Brokerage providing a comprehensive range of services to high-tech markets through strategy, management and transactions. Using our proven commercial experience, we help our clients develop their IP strategy, establish effective processes and realise value from their intellectual property.

Founded in 2007, the experience of our directors, consultants and analysts provides a unique blend of commercial and IP experience that carries with it a highly competitive track record of delivering value to businesses.

ClearViewIP have experience of working with FTSE and Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller enterprises and academia, across a range of physical sciences industry sectors including, but not exclusive to: telecoms, video, computing, aerospace, silicon, medical devices, consumer electronics, automotive, IoT, GPS and materials.

Our services are bespoke dependent on a client’s requirements but can include: IP strategy, patent analytics and risk assessments, IP audits, portfolio optimisation, licensing and acquisition support, brokerage services and IP valuation and due diligence.