Robbie Merritt is one of Australia’s most renowned portrait and celebrity fashion photographers nominated the ‘First Official Photographer to World Fashion Week (WFW) Paris’ in 2013. Merritt was acknowledged by WFW for his outstanding contribution and lifetime achievements, dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of fashion to further creative leadership, artistic, technical and social achievement within the global fashion industry. His confronting exhibition of over 100 Australian ‘Cancer Survivors’ in the ‘You Are Beautiful’ in 2013 skyrocketed his humanitarian status, and he was nominated ‘Australian of the Year in 2014’. Published of late in over 300 overseas magazines and newspapers in 10 languages, in over 30 countries, he is also the founding member of ‘The Horn of Africa Relief Organisation’. Merritt is a photojournalist within the United States Press Agency and has been since 2013. He is ranked ‘Top 10’ international photojournalist. Merritt’s impressive list of clients include politicians, actors, models and high profile fashion labels from all over the world. Merritt graduated with his Diploma in Photography in 1977 where his career started at ‘TVW7’ and the ABC. Merritt has actively followed his love for fashion adopting the ethos “Fashion for Life”. Fashion can be used as a very powerful tool to combat poverty in many countries through responsible development of sustainable infrastructure within the textile industry.