At AstrologicAnswers.com we believe that health and wellness products don't come in one size fits all. That's why we offer a variety of 100% GREEN tools that, when used together, can exponentially help build self-awareness, promote overall wellness and aid in building a more healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

From custom made Astrology and Numerology Reports, Pre-Recorded Hypnosis and Meditation, Custom Made-to-Order Hypnosis Scripts, Environmental Sounds, eBooks and more, we have something for anyone looking to learn more about themselves and increase their level of healthfulness.

We are a U.S. based enterprise wholly owned and operated by Click Click Internet Ventures, Inc. based out of San Francisco, California with remote offices in Denver, Colorado. We've been operating nearly four years and in that time we've delivered tens-of-thousands of products on five continents to over 40,000 customers.

In addition to our retail offerings, we offer a host of programs for our Business-to-Business partners that deliver a fun and satisfying customer experience, outstanding results and competitive pricing from as little as $2.99 per unit.

Here are just a few ways enterprises can utilize our Business-to-Business offerings...

- Recognize Workplace and Volunteer Achievement

- Motivate and Shape Workplace Performance

- Recognize Volunteers, Birthdays, Anniversaries and other Important People and Dates

- Great for School, Non-Profit or Workplace Fundraisers

- Economical way to Donate with High Impact Visibility

- Custom Tools Individually Designed to Address Issues Unique to your Workplace (stress reduction, relaxation, addressing specific workplace stressors, building employee productivity and satisfaction)

- Lucrative Affiliate Program where partners can earn as much as 75% Payouts