“We repair your home when it’s poorly. We maintain it so it stays healthy”

Click a Fix is a home repairs and maintenance company focusing on the essential concerns of keeping a home healthy. We provide four main services; plumbers, electricians, gas heating engineers and general home repairs. Of these four services Click a Fix has adopted the Pareto Principle to concentrate on the smaller types of repairs, which are more commonly required. Click a Fix's aim is to provide a service with 80% of the work available to be booked and paid for online, bringing convenience and assurity on price to the customer and supporting the brand identity to just 'click a fix'. We keep things simple and jargon free to improve the customer experience.

Customer service and satisfaction is paramount to our success and future growth. To ensure customer satisfaction is maintained Click a Fix has invested in the latest technology available to ensure this. Our customers can view their quotes, invoices, updates and make new requests all within one convenient online system with a Helpdesk section, too. As a company we are able to instantly e-mail any documents to our customers, send an SMS when the technician is on the way and answer customer queries at the 'Click' of a button, with a plethora of information at hand.
For those customers who are dubious about using the internet we provide a free phone number and a friendly voice at the other end.

The times of spending hard earned cash on unnecessary parts for home maintenance and confusing technical jargon are well and truly over! The era of Click a Fix has begun.