Reading a good book never fails to set one at ease. Think about it. A book weighs so little but packs a huge amount of knowledge. Normally it would cost me a groaning to take off my edge. Once I but peep my head in a good read, it's a profit to my mind. With good book in hand, one is bound for a life filled with education. Possessing a habit of reading books, one is sure to eclipse his/her life. Furthermore, reading spares one from having eaten on the insane root that takes the reason prisoner and harms one's wit. There's no denying the fact that, one's years want wit, and with a sharp mind, people will say, "How fiery and sharp he/she looks!" With a dropping eye and dint of pity, no one can say, "He/she walks with skipping spirit over perils, on an edge, more likely to fall in than to get over." So, let's all read ... read to side-step thick-eyed musing and cursed melancholy.