Join the Fight: Team up with the American Lung Association.  We fight the diseases and environmental poisons that harm the lungs of people in Florida, and provide funds for vital research on lung disease cures, plus provide a variety of educational and support programs.

Join the oldest not-for-profit health agency in America and help us achieve our mission to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.
With lung disease on the rise, we are fighting for research that will find a cure for tomorrow.  We are fighting for those who can't quit smoking and those who shouldn't start.  We are fighting for lungs that burn from exercise rather than from ozone.  We are fighting for asthma education to stop children from dying from asthma attacks.  We are fighting for laws that improve air quality both inside and out.  And we won't breathe easy until we win the fight.

How Your Support Helps: Your support helps in the Fight for Air.  

Lung disease is growing at a rate faster than other major diseases: Help support research to find a cure.  Asthma is the number one chronic disease of children: Help support community- and school-based programs.  Big tobacco spends billions of dollars each year to lure kids to smoke: Help us keep Florida's children healthy.

Join the Fight For Air: www.FightForAirClimbTampa.org