Clindata Cloud is a patent pending clinical platform that compresses accelerated new drug launch by 8 months and reduces clinical trial costs by 5%, while eliminating data related FDA rejections and fast tracking FDA submissions.  

Architected on big data and cloud computing platforms, Clindata Cloud sits on top of disparate data sources, such as Oracle Clinical, Medidata Rave and Medrio EDC systems and consolidates / harmonizes disparate data into unified subject (patient) centric data sets that are housed in its Clinical Data Warehouse. It then standardizes the datasets to FDA mandated CDISC data standards at a blazing speed of 1 Million records in 10 mins in real time.

This speed now makes it possible to analyze standardized data in real time unlike in the past. Clindata Cloud, empowers the clinical operations teams, with real time data insights and predictive analytics to drive safety and performance