Our innovative system binds together through high level automated workflows the wider applications and capabilities of a business. In this way Clockworx is a WFMS, productivity tool, analytics platform and system integration solution.

Many business operate with software that is siloed within business units and consequently organizations have many blind spots across their business and many process that still require manual intervention or excel spreadsheets to function. Clockworx pushes and pulls data via APIs to create meaningful and role based dashboard for your business. Because of our belief that new solutions should leverage what already exists our platform integrates with most leading software vendors and therefore reduces the amount of interruption to business as usual by allowing your teams to continue to use the applications that it makes sense to do so. The Clockworx multi-tenancy system allows each department to track, compare and report specific key performance indicators and in-built Business Intelligence & Project Management tools provide role-based dashboards, metrics, and reports. This makes Clockworx a perfect fit for midsize manufacturers who want to leverage their existing investment, want the benefits of process automation and analysis but don't want the pain of change management and large 'rip & replace' initiatives. Clockworx connects the disconnected.

Clockworx solutions automatically collect, consolidate and process raw operational data and serve relevant and highly visualised real-time insights to the end-user in a simple web interface, so that he/she can make accurate decisions and perform relevant actions. It is fully integrated into the business pushing and pulling data across applications, so that every user can have access to what they need when they need it and in a simple web interface. The system was built in 2017 and after 2 years of internal usage and 8 iterations, we launched Clockworx on a German market in November 2018 and EU market in April 2019. Clockworx is revolutionary in its pre system not per user licensing model meaning that costs come down not up when it is more widely adopted within the organization.

Christopher Caruk, Founder and CEO of Clockworx said - “We know that manufacturing businesses are sitting on lots of rich data. From shop floor* to the executive office - scattered pieces of information can be found in a gazillion of formats, in different apps, paper reports, personal notes. At the same time, manufactures require fast and reliable processes that where activities can be tracked across the business and not only within business units. As business heads into the 4th Industrial Revolution genuine alternatives to all-in-one ERP solutions can make a genuine and affordable difference.''

Clockworx is already successfully adopted by a number of international and regional businesses and actively seeks the opportunity to expand its network of clients, partners and advocates who believe in the same business world as they do. Clockworx believe that:

Clockworx Believes:

We believe that keeping track of how your business is doing should be easy.
We believe that you should have up to the minute stats on how your business is performing.
We believe that that there should be one place where you look to find out what's going on.
We believe that all of your data should be connected-up so that you can see what you need to see when you need to see it.
We believe good information leads to good decisions.
We believe that excel spreadsheets and manual interventions should be resigned to the history books in favour of automation

For business, inquiries contact William A.Cass, Head of Customer Success at Clockworx, william.cass@clockworx.com, phone +44(0) 7737659081