Love Your Clover – the World’s First Innovative Luxury Bag with the Smartest Motion-sensing Light for the 2020 Super Woman

The ambitious German-Ukrainian brand Clover wants to create competition to the world’s leading luxury bag brands – for now, at a fraction of the cost

Munich, Germany -- November 25, 2019 – Clover announces the first innovative luxury bag – the smartest bag and coolest handcrafted accessories for you, the superwoman.  Clover bag exquisitely combines German functionality with century-long Italian leather traditions, coupled with an ultra-fashionable 2020 style – created to simplify the daily life of every busy woman and illuminating it – literally.

Bags are not just another accessory, like sunglasses that you don’t need in the dark or indoors, but they’re much more personal and intimate. We carry our bags non-stop – they’re our closest companions that are always by your side as soon as we step out of the door – all day long, all evening long, at any occasion and in any weather. They are simply an essential part of daily life, and are a part of you. Each Clover bag and its contents reveal everything about you, so why not organize it by making everything within your very own Clover easily accessible and always in place?

That’s why young designer Kateryna Panchenko has launched her Clover brand to simplify the life of a busy woman, while at the same time keeping it – oh, so very stylish. It took Kateryna a total of two years to study, analyze all the shortcomings encountered by women in the daily use of their bags, and to create the first model that would fit all of a modern, high-tech-equipped woman’s needs, coupled with the practical, yet modern design ideas.

“Initially, we wanted to be like the luxury market leaders – PRADO, Gucci, Chanel, and others, but our product turned out to be more technological and more comfortable to use than any of the brands known on the market. All leading brands care only about their name, but we care about you. Such a combination of luxury design and organizational comfort as ours cannot be found in any other brand - we are the first,” commented Kateryna Panchenko, the CEO and founder at Clover.

Her team of the best specialists wanted to combine the highest durable Italian quality materials, with bag and accessory-making standards that would last for a long, long time.
Take modern design that will match any outfit and any occasion, and then augment it to the next level. In addition to each Clover’s fashionable design, each bag has useful add-on compartments and a set of unmatched quality accessories.

Each piece of leather is chosen and tested for durability, each detail is handcrafted, every style is analyzed for future and modern trends. Each bag is personally handcrafted to ensure excellent quality that you’re happy and proud of, and want to carry day after day.

Today, Clover’s team believes they created the perfect style to satisfy even the busiest and the most demanding modern woman, and we welcome you to the Clover experience!

The distinctive features of Clover bags include:

•     An innovative removable inner compartment of the bag lets you transfer items from one bag to another in just a few seconds. Available in Muscari, Aster, Hyacinth, Jasmine models.
•     Searching for something in the dark? The internal wireless light works from the motion sensor and lights up your bag as soon as you put your hand inside! Available in Muscari, Aster, Hyacinth, Jasmin, Freesia, Iris, Iberis models.
•     A set of complementary accessories includes a wallet that matches the style of the bag, a key holder, a headphone holder, and a bottle holder.  
•     Choose even more accessories to match your needs and style – we offer branded steel pens, table bag holders, cosmetic bags, sunglasses cases and more!
•     Each Clover bag comes beautifully wrapped as a gift. Worldwide free shipping is complimentary with every purchase.

Give yourself the perfect gift for 2020 and the next decade of organization, functionality, simplicity and fashionable style – all in one bag.

Clover bags come in two types of leather far better than traditional “genuine leather” – flotar (granual) or napa (soft and smooth) quality leather. The bags are available in 14 colors: ananas, avocado, bianko, black, champagne, cremisi, flake, flirt, fog, jeans, orange, oxygen, turchese and woody.

With ten models from Clover classic tote, hobo, mini-bag and clutch, to exclusive author's bags and more, they can be pre-ordered at a discounted price on Kickstarter for a limited time only. The prices range between 140€ and 600€. Get a set of two Clover bags and save 70€. Order three Clover bags and save 140€. Buy four Clover bags and save 210€.