About Us
Club Tropica is a fun new way to meet friends based on your dream holiday island. It isn't like a lot other sites; it's more of a community based site run by you, the user. With various easy and useful features ranging from blogging all the way through to setting up your own .com group, we'll make your online experience with us one you won't forget.

Our easy-to-use profile and group pages allows you to design and place your favorite pictures and backgrounds anywhere on the page, allowing full customizability of your profile pages. We even give you your own private free email account and SMS number as part of our messenger system when you sign up, and if you don't like the default provided you have the ability to swap or purchase your own domains. So why not take a flying visit and meet our volunteer community representatives, who will be pleased to introduce you to ClubTropica.

What does Club Tropica offer?
User Profiles (Social Media Networking) - Club Tropica offers Social Media Networking through the use of a personal profile page on the site. Users have the ability to upload their own pictures, imagery and backgrounds as well as having a selection of pre-defined imagery all of which is available from an Online Catalogue.

Users can add profile 'widgets' for best friends, interests, youtube videos, blog entries and much more. Users will also have the ability to develop their own widgets and add these to their profile when desired aswell as offer these widgets/applications to other members.
Community & Users - Staff are appointed to run ongoing activites on site such as events, competitions and quests, however most of the content generated on-site is done by the users themselves through creativty in form of their profiles, forums, groups, applications/widgets and more.

User creativty is the key to Club Tropica as it helps to push past the cultural boundries of our users as they can express themselves how they wish.
Chatrooms and Instant Messaging - Users regually meet and chat with other users in our Community Chatrooms. In addition to this we offer our users the ability to instant message each other using our on site ClubTropica IM system, a system far advanced than any other competitor.
Webmail and SMS - ClubTropica offers an online webmail account to every member that signs up. By offering webmail to our users, this attracts the user to return daily increasing our brand name. We also offer the ability to create custom email addresses on their own domain names which can be registered at our website. In addition, every member gets their very own SMS Inbox, allowing them to send and receive text messages from people all over the world without having to give away their mobile number.
Safety (Moderation Policy) - It is important for any online community to take responsibility for the safety of it's users and we are no different. All user input is Moderated, including pictures and imagery to provide a safe, yet enjoyable environment. Club Tropica employs several types of active Moderation which includes volunteers and members of paid staff.